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Miesiąc Kapitał początkowy Wpłata Kapitalizacja miesieczna Zysk
13000.00 zł300.00 zł5 %13.75zł
23000.00 zł300.00 zł5 %15.06zł
33000.00 zł300.00 zł5 %16.37zł
43000.00 zł300.00 zł5 %17.69zł
53000.00 zł300.00 zł5 %19.01zł
63000.00 zł300.00 zł5 %20.34zł
73000.00 zł300.00 zł5 %21.68zł
83000.00 zł300.00 zł5 %23.02zł
93000.00 zł300.00 zł5 %24.36zł
103000.00 zł300.00 zł5 %25.71zł
113000.00 zł300.00 zł5 %27.07zł
123000.00 zł300.00 zł5 %28.43zł
About Kalkulator Lokat
Q1: What can Kalkulator Lokat help for you?

A1: Kalkulator Lokat is an online financial tool to help users estimate the potential profit from a bank deposit. It takes into account factors such as the deposit amount, interest rate, duration of the deposit, and frequency of interest capitalization.

Q2: What information is needed to use Kalkulator Lokat?

A2: To use Kalkulator Lokat, you need to provide the following information:

  • Deposit amount (Kwota depozytu)
  • Annual interest rate (Oprocentowanie lokaty)
  • Deposit duration (Okres deponowania)
  • Interest capitalization frequency (Kapitalizacja)
Q3: How does the number of days in a year affect the profit calculation in Kalkulator Lokat?

A3: Banks in Poland may calculate profit based on a year,month,day consisting of either 360 or 365 days,or , which can impact the final interest amount. Kalkulator Lokat provides users with information on how the profit differs for both scenarios:

Days in a Year Impact on Profit
360 When banks use a 360-day year for calculations, the profit from a deposit may be slightly higher compared to using a 365-day year.
365 Using a 365-day year for calculations may result in a slightly lower profit compared to a 360-day year, as the interest is spread out over more days.
Q4: How much should users save each month?

A4: One saving strategy is to follow the 50/30/20 rule:

  • 50% of income for needs (e.g., housing)
  • 30% for wants
  • 20% for savings

However, the most important thing is to save consistently, even if it means saving a smaller amount each month.

Q5: What is compound interest, and how does it affect the growth of a savings account?

A5: It is the interest earned on both of the initial principal and the accumulated interest from previous periods. The higher of the interest rate and the more frequently the account compounds, then the more you will grow over time.

Banks in Poland may use two types of interest calculation methods:

  • Simple interest (odsetki proste): It is calculated based on the initial deposit amount for the entire deposit period.
  • Compound interest (odsetki składane): Calculated multiple times, initially based on the deposit amount, then added to the capital, and at the next interest period, it will be calculated from the increased amount.
Q6: What factors influence the profit from a bank deposit?

A6: The main factors that influence the profit from a bank deposit are:

Factor Description
Annual interest rate (Oprocentowanie w skali roku) The higher the interest rate, the more profit you will earn from your deposit.
Interest capitalization frequency (Kapitalizacja) More frequent interest capitalization (e.g., monthly vs. annually) leads to higher overall returns due to compound interest.
Deposit amount (Kwota depozytu) Larger deposit amounts generally result in higher total profits, assuming the same interest rate and term.
Deposit duration (Okres lokaty) Longer deposit terms often have higher interest rates, leading to greater profits over time.
Q7: How can users interpret the results provided by Kalkulator Lokat?

A7: After entering the required data and clicking "Oblicz," Kalkulator Lokat instantly displays the following results:

  • Kwota depozytu (Deposit amount)
  • Odsetki (Net profit after tax deduction)
  • Podatek (Capital gains tax amount)

The most important result is "Odsetki," which shows the real profit you can expect from a specific bank deposit after tax deduction.

Q8: How can users find the best bank deposit offers in Poland?

A8: In addition to using Kalkulator Lokat to estimate potential profits, you can also refer to the bank deposit ranking (ranking lokat) provided by it's website. This ranking is updated regularly and allows users to find the most attractive deposit offers with high interest rates easily , and will be tailored to their preferred deposit amount and duration.